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Healthcare Storytelling

Healthcare Storytelling: The Best Marketing Magic and How to Do It

“The best bridge between a presenter and an audience,” someone once wrote, “is a story.” Everyone is engaged by a good story. In fact, it’s how the human brain is wired. When someone is talking to us, we automatically look for the beginning, the middle and the end of the storyline structure. And if the speaker doesn’t do it, our brain tries to assemble the pieces. Physicians are using this technique as an element of marketing magic for greater success in private practice


Authorities say that the public (your audience) probably doesn’t want dry, cold, bland information. The apparent reason they sought medical care is due to pain, fear or loss of something in their living routine. The underlying reason—what they’re really looking for—is happiness. So storytelling that leads to a happy or positive resolution would grab and hold their attention.


A doctor’s daily clinical experience is a rich resource for compelling story raw material. The process of communicating instructions, information and purpose can easily be presented in real-world, relatable terms.

Think of storytelling is an important business tool and personal skill. Clearly, it makes clinical encounters more interesting for doctor and patient, and it can have a significant and positive influence on patient satisfaction, patient referrals, and improve compliance and outcomes.

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